RAJYA SABHA VALEDICTORY REMARKS 228 th Session (08.05.2013)

: Honble Members, the 228th session of the Rajya
Sabha which commenced on February 21, 2013 with the
Address of
the Rashtrapati ji, comes to a close today.
The record of the work done, and not done, is in t
he public
domain and in no need of commentary. Details will b
e made
available by the Secretary General.
The experience of this session, and particularly o
f its second
half, should induce cogitation on a number of matte
rs arising out of
the situations in which the House finds itself in
its daily functioning.
Three questions in particular need to be addressed:
1. Has the balance between deliberations, legislati
ons and
accountability been lost due to regular disruption
of the
2. Has the time not come to bridge the growing gap
the Rules of Procedures and the need felt by differ
sections of the House to voice opinion on matters o
concern? This, needless to say has to be done in a
orderly manner to preserve the dignity of the House
, and
3. Has the membership of this august body assessed
impact of disruptive behaviour on public opinion?
The National Song, (”
Vande Mataram”
to be played
: The House stands adjourned
sine die

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