Statement of the Chairman at the conclusion of the 212th Session

Hon. Members, the Winter Session which was the 212th Session, commenced on
the 15th November, 2007. The Session, as scheduled, comes to an end today, the 7th
December, 2007. The Session had 17 sittings in all and the House sat for more than 84 hours.
During the Session, more than 18 hours were lost on the issues like Nandigram, bomb
blasts in Uttar Pradesh, protest over the AIIMS Bill, 2007; Draft National Mineral Policy,
and Anniversary of demolition of Babri Mosque at Ayodhya. The House, however, made up this loss by skipping l
unch recess and sitting late for about 26 Hours to complete legislative and other important business. This is
significant. On the opening day of the Session, Dr.V. K. Agnihotri, the new Secretary-General of Rajya Sabha was introduced to the House.
During the Session, a new Member, Shri Ambeth Rajan, from the State of Uttar Pradesh, joined us in the House.
During the Session, the House condoled the death of Shri Jana Krishna Murthy K., a sitting Member and three former Members of th
e Rajya Sabha, namely, Dr. L.M. Singhvi, Shri S. R. Bommai and Shir Jagdish Prasad Mathur. The House was adjourned
on the 15th November, 2007 as a mark of respect to the memory of Shri Jana Krishna Murthy K. There were 12
suo-motu Statements by Ministers, which were either made or laid.

These Statements related to: –
(a) Recent cyclone and devastation caused by it in
(b) National Policy for Farmers;
(c) Serial bomb blasts in the State of Uttar Prade
(d) Violence by All Adivashi Students Association
of Assam);
(e) Stay of Ms. Taslima Nasreen in India;
(f) Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme
(g) Status of National Rural Employment Guarantee
Act (NREGA);
(h) Status of implementation of the components of
Bharat Nirman relating to
the Ministry of Rural Development;
(i) HINDRAF demonstration in Malaysia; and
(j) Scheduled Tribes and other Traditional Forest
Dwellers (Recognition of
Forest Rights) Act, 2006.
34 Statements were made or laid in pursuance of the
Direction of the Chairman,
Rajya Sabha, dated the 24-9-2004 on the status of i
mplementation of recommendations
contained in the Reports of various DRPS Committees.

The following issues were discussed at length for m
ore than 21 hours in the form
of Short Duration Discussions:-
(i) The proposal to set up SEZ in Nandigram and co
nsequent large scale violence;
(ii) Indo-US Nuclear Deal; and
(iii) The situation arising out of the misuse of f
unds provided by the Central
Government under the National Rural Employment Guar
antee Programme.
26 Notices for Suspension of Question Hour and 95 N
otices for matters to be
raised with the permission of the Chair were receiv
ed during the Session. Important
matters were raised by Members during the Session.
More than 80 Special Mentions on Matters of Public
Importance which were
raised/laid on the Table by Members, with the permi
ssion of the Chair.
A reference to the victims of bomb blasts in Uttar
Pradesh and Assam was made
by the Chair in the House. One Government Bill was
withdrawn and one Government
Bill was introduced during the Session 15 Governmen
t Bills were passed/returned during
the Session:
(a) The Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) (Union Ter
ritories) Order Bill;
(b) The Indian Boilers (Amendment) Bill;
(c) The Sashastra Seema Bal Bill;
(d) The AIIMS and PGIMER (Amendment) Bill;
(e) The NCT of Delhi Laws (Special Provisions) Bil
(f) Appropriation Bills relating to the Supplement
ary Demands for Grants (General
and Railways);
(g) The Payment of Bonus Bill; the Indira Gandhi N
ational Tribal University Bill;
(h) The Armed Forces Tribunal Bill; and
(i) The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Sen
ior Citizens Bill.
These were some of the notable Bills, which the Hou
se passed during the Session.
However, as decided by the House, the consideration
and passing of the Jawaharlal
Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education and Re
search, Puducherry Bill was
Three Government Resolutions including seeking appr
oval of the President’s rule
in Karnataka were adopted by the House.
During the Session, 13 Private Members’ Bills were
introduced. The issue
regarding Compulsory Voting and Prohibition of Pre-
poll Survey and Exit Poll of
Elections was discussed at length through a Private
Member Bill. The issue regarding
need to amend the Constitution by way of adding a n
ew chapter on the Governance of
Coalition Governments was also discussed at length
through a Private Member

During the Session, 91 Reports of various Parliamen
tary Committees including
those of Department-related Parliamentary Standing
Committees were presented or laid
on the Table of the House. This is significant. The
se include a Report of the Committee
of Privileges on the alleged derogatory remarks mad
e against Members of Parliament by
Shri Ronen Sen, India’s Ambassador in the United St
ates of America. During the Session,
a total number of 5046 notices, including 1244 in H
indi, of Questions were received from
Members. Out of these, 4205 notices for Starred Que
stions and 841 were for
Unstarred Questions. However, 340 Starred Questions
and 2094 Unstarred Questions
were admitted and answered. 47 Starred Questions we
re orally answered. 4 notices for
Short Notice Questions and 7 notices for Half-an- H
our Discussion were received but
none of them could be admitted. Some of the importa
nt papers that were laid on the Table
of the House during the Session were the following:
(i) The National Rehabilitation and Resettlement P
olicy, 2007;
(ii) The White Paper on Disinvestment of Central P
ublic Sector Enterprises;
(iii) Notifications publishing the Orders pertaini
ng to delimitation of Parliamentary
constituencies and Legislative Assembly constituenc
ies of the 25 States, issued by
the Delimitation Commission of India;
(iv) Report on the ‘Youth in Panchayati Raj Campai
gn’ an Appraisal of the Inter-State
Interactive Experience-Sharing Programme;
(v) Statement on Azadi Express, and public respons
e to it at different stations during
the course of its journey;
(vi) Report on Dakshin Kranti Freedom Struggle in
South India, and
(vii) Mid-Year Review of the India Economy, 2007-0
I thank the Leader of the House, the Leader of the
Opposition, Leaders of various
Parties and Groups and all the hon. Members for the
kind co-operation extended by them
in conducting the proceedings of the House.
I also thank the Deputy Chairman, Members on the Pa
nel of Vice-Chairmen and
the staff of the Secretariat for their help and coo
Before we adjourn, may I extend to all of you my gr
eetings and good wishes for
the forthcoming festivals and other auspicious occa
sions ahead and Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year. Now, before we adjourn the House si
ne die, we will have the National

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