Kadidal Manjappa

Kadidal Manjappa was the chief minister of the old Mysore state (Karnataka) for a short period of time in 1956 (August 19, 1956 – October 31, 1956). He hailed from nature rich Shimoga district. Manjappa was a leading Gandhian and a lawyer who led many struggles in the state for probity in public life. He served as minister in various central and state departments for 32 years.

Manjappa played an important role in initiating land reforms in the early fifties by introducing laws related to the abolition of absentee landlordism and recognition to the right of cultivators. He is remembered for introducing the Tenancy Act. Several other progressive acts like the Inam act came into being because of his statesman like vision. He joined protests against emergency excesses in 1976 and headed “Congress for Democracy” in Karnataka. He was part of the unit floated by Babu Jagjivan Ram after he quit the Indira Gandhi Cabinet.

Manjappa also penned three novels and an autobiography titled ‘Nanasagada Kanasu’ (An Unrealised Dream).

Former Langford Road in (former) Bangalore is now named “Kadidal Manjappa Road” in his honor.

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