Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)

The Bahujan Samaj Party is a national political party in India with socialist leanings. It was formed to chiefly represent Bahujans (OBC, SC, ST & Minorities), who are thought by some to be at the bottom of the Indian caste system, and claims to be inspired by the philosophy of Ambedkar. The SP'>BSP was founded by the high-profile charismatic leader Kanshi Ram in 1984.

In the 13th Lok Sabha (1999-2004) it had 14 (out of 545) members and currently in the 14th Lok Sabha has 17. The party has its main base in Uttar Pradesh of Indian state, in UP the SP'>BSP has formed government several times.

Mayawati is the President of the party and has been so for many years. The deep and mutual hostility between the SP'>BSP and the Samajwadi Party – the other leading state party in Uttar Pradesh, whose support is mainly obtained from the OBC has led the SP'>BSP into allying itself many times with its erstwhile ideological enemies, the BJP. On 23 June 2008, the party withdrew support of a Congress led alliance called the United Progressive UPA in the Indian Government.

On 11 May 2007 the Uttar Pradesh state assembly election results made SP'>BSP the first single majority party since 1991. After 15 years of hung assembly, SP'>BSP won a clear majority in India’s most populated state. The SP'>BSP President Mayawati Kumari began as the new Chief Minister of UP for the fourth term.

Mayawati file his nomination for Rajya Sabha today

BSP supremo and former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati will file her nomination for the Rajya Sabha at 11:30am on Tuesday. She will file her nomination papers in the Lucknow assembly. Mayawati held a meeting with party MPs, MLAs and...

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Uttarakhand: Vijay Bahuguna sworn for CM post today

Congress MP Vijay Bahuguna as the new Chief Minister of Uttarakhand will be held today at the Parade Ground in Dehradun. The swearing-in ceremony will be at 5 PM at Parade Ground on 13 March. We anticipate that there is...

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BSP give unconditional support to Cong in Uttarakhand

Congress with 32 MLAs in the 70-member House enjoys support of three Independents and a lone UKD member to reach the magic mark of 36. The three-MLA strong BSP on Sunday offered "unconditional support" to it in Uttarakhand and expressed...

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Congress announce Uttarakhand Chief Minister name today?

With the helf of BSP and some Independent MLAs deciding to extend support, the Congress party, which staked claim in Uttarakhand to form the next government, is expected to announce its chief ministerial candidate on Monday. Party sources said PCC...

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Mayawati holds the key to power in Uttarakhand

BSP leader and former UP chief minister Mayawati holds the key to power in Uttarakhand, BSP, whose three MLAs can tilt the balance, on Thursday said it was in touch with both Congress and BJP as the two rival contenders...

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Congress trying to woo independent MLAs in Ukhand

Congress, which emerged as the single largest party in Uttarkhand, is making a serious bid to rope in independents and BSP MLAs to achieve the magic tally. He maintained that Congress is in touch with everybody and hopeful that they...

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Congress, BJP seeking BSP’s support in Uttarakhand for government

With 3-MLA strong BSP, which holds key to government formation in Uttarakhand, said it would take a decision on the issue of support only after consultation with its supremo Mayawati. Congress got 32 seats and BJP 31 in the 70-member...

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Mayawati meets Governor, submit her resignation

BSP supremo and UP chief minister Mayawati met Governor BL Joshi and submitted her resignation following the decimation of her party in the Assembly elections. Mayawati's key aide and Uttar Pradesh Cabinet Secretary Shashank Shekhar Singh decided to take premature...

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Congress, BJP in the race to form govt in Uttarakhand

In the battle for Uttarakhand, both the Congress and the BJP are attempting to form the government after a photo finish on Tuesday. It's a classic cliff hanger that Uttarakhand has thrown up in which the Congress has an edge...

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Memorials and statues would not be raised: Akhilesh

Samajwadi party chief Akhilesh Yadav categorically said grand memorials and statues of dalit leaders, including that of BSP chief Mayawati in Lucknow and Noida, would not be razed. He addressing his first press meet after Samajwadi Party's win. Akhliesh remarks...

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